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SMP Treatment Service Kitchener

What is S.M.P.?

S.M.P. (Scalp MicroPigmentation) provides amazing results for men and women experiencing hair loss or alopecia.

S.M.P. is a non surgical technique of depositing pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin on the scalp to camouflage thinning & hair loss, creating density to give the appearance of a fuller, thicker head of hair.

Please watch this four minute video of the procedure.

The technician doing this procedure also has Scalp Micropigmentation on himself!

World renowned and popular S.M.P.  procedures are giving more and more people, with the number growing rapidly, the confidence and self esteem they desire.

What Scalp Micropigmentation Can Fix

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Scalp Micropigmentation Kitchener


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What is the cost of S.M.P.?

During your free consultation, a trained, qualified & certified micropigmentation technician will discuss the procedure with you so that you will gain all the information needed, as well as determine the cost of your S.M.P. using the Norwood scale of baldness (for men) or the Ludwig scale (for women).

S.M.P. Scalp Micro Pigmentation
S.M.P. Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Does S.M.P. hurt?

Different areas of the scalp have different sensitivities.

Generally clients feel a slight discomfort around the frontal hairline, temples or crown, and less to no discomfort in the middle and back of the head.

The vast majority of clients say it is a little uncomfortable but nothing more.

Everyone has different tolerance levels, however generally the feedback is the same.

Topical anesthetics make this procedure tolerable.


How long does S.M.P. take?

The human head has an astonishing 2000 follicles per square inch.

Not surprising then that a minimum of 3 sessions will generally achieve your final desired look.

Each session lasts according to each individual’s needs which your technician will determine during your consultation.

S.M.P. Scalp Micro Pigmentation
S.M.P. Scalp Micro Pigmentation

How long will S.M.P. last?

To maintain your look, maintenance touch ups may be done every 3-6 years.

S.M.P. can last a lifetime, providing caution is used in the sun.

Sunscreen is highly recommended.

How will I look after the treatment?

You can expect an instant visible  hairline result with some redness lasting only a couple of days.

Typically the pigment dots will appear significantly darker for up to 3-4 weeks before they soften, giving you a VERY natural result.

Over 50% of your initial procedure will lighten within 10-14 days.

S.M.P. Scalp Micro Pigmentation
S.M.P. Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Is S.M.P. natural looking?

When using the highest quality of pigment & product, quality prevails.

An undetectable illusion of hair will boost your self confidence & provide a comfort level like you have never experienced before.

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